French MAS-38 7.65 Sub-Machine Gun

by Crusader1307


The French produced MAS-38 7.65mm Sub-Machine Gun would have had seen service with The French Army during World War II as early as 1939. However, Production Facilities were captured by German Occupation Forces. Over 1,900 Models were made for use by The Vichy French Forces (Allied to Germany). Other Models were seen with The Free French Resistance Forces as well as those Italian Anti-Fascist Forces. History cites that The MAS-38 was used to kill Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini in 1945. Using the 7.65mm Round, The MAS-38 was a Blowback, gas operated Firearm. It weighed almost 10-lbs. And was 25-inches in length. Clip fed, The MAS-38 held 32-rounds and could fire up to 700-rounds per minute. Maximum effective range was 125-yards.