Italian Lancia 1ZM Armored Car

by Crusader1307

The Italian Ansaldo Company designed The Lancia 1ZM towards the end of World War I. Based on the popular Lancia Series of Civilian used work Tricks, The 1ZM was seen as ideal for Italian Troops supporting The War. Unfortunately, very few were made and even less saw actual combat service. Beginning with prototypes in 1914, 120 such Models were produced by 1918. Many Allied Armies used The Lancia as a Training Vehicle.


Crewed by (8), The 1ZM weighed 3-tons and was 18-feet long with a width of 6-feet. Height was 8-feet and The Lancia supported 1-inch of iron plating. A (4) wheeled dual axle Vehicle, The 1ZM Gas Engine produced 40-HP. Speed was rated at 37-mph on open terrain. Heavily armed, The Lancia deployed with (3) 8mm Machine Guns and Crew personal weaponry. Although obsolete, many 1ZMs would be found in used in the 1930s by The Fascist Army of Mussolini. Most were no longer used by 1944.