''Witches Ladder''

by Crusader1307

As we have seen, ''Burning at The Stake'' was a ''popular'' form of punishment and execution used for convicted Heretics to Christianity – starting in the 13th Century AD Europe (although the practice is Centuries older). Conversely, it became used as a primary execution against those who were convicted of Witchcraft and Sorcery (again in Europe). However, another form of ''The Stake' arose around the 15th Century (briefly) – known as The ''Witches Ladder''. This was a particularly cruel method, indeed.


The Accused was tried lengthwise to a common wooden Ladder (roughly 8 to 12-feet long). A suitable fire was created for the execution. After the required ''Reading'' of The Death Warrant (and perhaps allowing The Victim the ability to recant their association with The Devil) – The Ladder was lifted or raised by ''strong men'', until it was balanced as ''free standing''. With the required ''signal'', The Ladder was simply allowed to ''fall forward'' (so aided by the Victims body weight) – and crash into the flames. The rest is left to ''imagination''..................