Flag of The Army of The Republic of South Vietnam

by Crusader1307

Also identified as ARVN, The Army of The Republic of South Vietnam existed from 1955 until the Fall of The Republic in 1975. The Republic maintained a ''Standing Army'' of over 280,000 effective (with a Reserve Component of another 280,000 – known as ''Regionals''). At one point in History, The Republic of Vietnam maintained the 4th Largest Military in The World.


The Service Flag, associated with The Army – was a Red Field in entirety. Centered was a Gold Eagle which supported a Shield bearing The Flag of South Vietnam. Each of the (4) Cantons of The Flag bore a Golden Wreath. Two Bannerolls bore the following: On The Top (in Vietnamese), was the phrase ''VIETNAM ARMY'' with the Bottom reading ''DECISIVENESS IN BATTLE''.