On This Day In History………



With the passage of The Treaty of Nemors in France today, Protestants are again persecuted.


The "Quasi War" between America and France begins. The 2-year War, fought mostly on The Sea, developed due to America refusing you pay France back monies for their help in The Revolutionary War. America argued that any monies owed, were owed to the now dissolved French Monarchy and not the recently declared French Republic. Only 100 Americans will die but the the loss of 2,000 Merchant Ships will hurt future trade. French losses are never accurately recorded.


The 4 Lincoln Assassination Conspirators, who worked with John Wilkes Booth, are hung today at Old Capital Prison - Washington DC. Louis Powell, David Herold and George Atzerodt will join Mary Surratt. She is the first Woman ever hung for Treason. Owning the Boarding House where The Conspirators made their Plans. Many still argue Surratt had no involvement or knowledge of the murder of Lincoln.