On This Day In History………28th January


814 AD

Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, dies today in Aachen, Germany.


England’s King Henry VIII dies today. His 9-year old Son – Edward VI becomes King. Living only until 15 (dead from fever and unknown illness), this will pave the way for the eventual rise of Mary I and later, Elizabeth I.


The Battle of Neuse River (SC/US), was fought today. Some 300 Colonial Militiamen of North and South Carolina Colonies link up to stop the continuing Raids of The Tuscaroras Indians. Some 300 are killed in the battle (that took 20 minutes).


The Franco-Prussian War ends today with the capture of Paris, France.


American Occupation of Cuba, ends today. The Occupation  (a result of The Spanish-American War of 1898), will leave a Democratic, self-Governing Island Nation. However, ano American Garrison is left behind at Guantanamo. It still remains, today.