On This Day In History………15th October



Edgar The Aetheling (England) is proclaimed King of England today. He is never crowned, due (in part to The Norman Conquest).


After almost 100 years of unchecked Ottoman Imperial incursions into Europe, Austrian Forces defeat them at The Siege of Vienna. The Ottoman Forces numbered around 125,000 lay siege to The City for nearly a month. Having time to build up sufficient defenses, The Austrians (around 21,000), made excellent use of early firearms and coordinated attacks to score a decisive victory.


French Queen Marie Antoinette is tried and convicted of crimes against The French People, today. Her execution is set for October 16[sup]th[/sup].


Ex-French Emperor Napoleon is exiled for a final time to the Island of St. Helena, in The Atlantic Ocean, today.


Dutch Spy Margaretha MacLeod (aka “Mata Hari”) is executed by German Firing Squad today, for espionage.