On This Day In History………22nd August


851 AD

The Battle of Jengland (Brittany), was fought today. The Frankish Army of Charles The Bald engaged The Breton Army of Erispoe (Duke of Brittany). The Bretons soundly defeated The Franks (whose casualties were in the thousands).


The Battle of Standard (Northallerton, England), was fought today. Part of The Anarchy Period, English Forces beat back a Scottish Army under David I. The Scots (supporting usurper Queen Matilda's claim to the English Crown) – mobilized an Army of 16,000 men. Attempting various siege's of local Castle's and Fortifications, lack of local support and an opposing Army of 10,000 English soldiers – would push King David's Forces back into Scotland.


House of York King Richard III is killed today during The Battle of Bosworth Field (England), today.


A French Expeditionary Force lands in Ireland today, in support of The Irish Rebellion (known as The Rebellion of '98). The Irish Forces under self-styled General Wolfe Tone were attempting to remove British Rule from Ireland. Forming The United Irishman Army, they were influenced by the earlier successful American Revolution. Lasting only 4 month, the Rebellion was crushed.


The first "Air Raid" in history occurred today, when Austria sent pilotless balloons, laden with explosives - to explode over Venice, Italy. The experiment was a failure.


The Siege of Leningrad between invading German Forces and a defending Russian Army – begins today.