On This Day In History………


The Battle of Roslin, was fought today, during The Scottish War of Independence against England. The Scottish Forces of John Comyn III (numbering  several thousand), engaged English Forces under Sir John Seagrave (with equal Forces) – near Midlothian, Scotland. The Scots surprised Sir Seagrave with a forced night march and secured their victory. Exact losses on both side are speculated.


The Treaty of Nagyvarad was signed today between the Emperor Ferdinand I and John Zapolya (both claimants to The Kingdom of Hungary). Zapolya will reign as John I and Ferdinand will retain the title of Emperor.


The first “Indian Removal” Plan (The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek), was enforced against the Mississippi Tribe of The Choctaw. Money is promised by The US Government in exchange.


The National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP), is founded today.They are better known by their English name - "Nazi".