Chinese Xian Y-20 Cargo Plane

by Crusader1307

Chinese Xian Y-20 is a Military Transport currently in use by The Chinese Peoples Air Force and Army. It is nicknamed ''Chubby Girl'' by The Chinese Military for it's size and cargo transport abilities. It is one of China's larger Military Transport Aircraft and has a variety of deployment usages. It is crewed by (3). The Y-20 is 155-feet long with a wingspan of 150-feet. They are powered by (4) Soloviev (Russian) 30KP-2 Turbofan Engines. Each produces 11,000-IBF of Thrust, each. Speed is rated at close to 700-mph. It has a Mission range of 4,800-miles with an Operational ceiling of 44,000-feet. They carry no defensive or offensive weaponry.