''Month's Mind''

by Crusader1307

A Medieval European Funerary practice, ''Month's Mind'' developed from The Catholic Faith's Rite related to ''All Soul's''. This liturgical form required The Faithful to pray for a specific period of time, for the Soul of the dearly departed. Later, in Protestant practice, it was determined that a 30-day period (one month) was required. Prayers were offered daily, which was seen to ''ease'' the suffering of The Soul. In Catholicism, this remitted Purgatory, in Protestantism, eased the passing of The Dead for both the department and His or Her Family.


Often, wealthy Patrons of a Church left detailed instruction for their ''Month's Mind''. This included feasts and choirs as well as (in some cases), prayers of remembrance three times a day. A formal ''ending ceremony'' was enacted on the last day of The Month;s Mind. Variations still exist today in both Religious Faith's.