US Army Military Horseman Badge

by Crusader1307

A ''new'' Award of The US Army, The Military Horseman Identification Badge was authorized for wear in 2017. The Device is only authorized for wear with The US Army Ceremonial Units - 3rd Infantry (''The Old Guard''). It is awarded after completion of a 9-month In-Service Training Course dealing with the ceremonial usage of Horses and related Horsemanship. As such only ''Cassion'' Attendees can wear The Badge (and not traditional ''Tomb'' Guards). With Commanding Officer Permission, The Badge may be continued for wear when a Soldier leaves His Ceremonial assignment.


The Badge is a Silver Metal Device, in the shape of a Horseshoe. Centered is the profile of a Horse. Engraved into The Horseshoe are the worlds ''MILITARY HORSEMAN''. The Badge is worn only on the Full Dress Uniform, centered on the Lower Left Pocket of The Dress Coat.