US Army Indian Campaign Medal

by Crusader1307

The Indian Campaign Medal is an out of service Medal, awarded to Members of The US Army, who served in Actions against ''hostile'' Native American Forces – in various battles, skirmishes and engagements – between the years 1865 and 1891. It was created to be retroactive to those years in 1907 by The US War Department. It was also eligible for issue to those Servicemen who died during specific campaigns of The Indian Wars.


The Medal was a circular Device in Bronze color, which bore the image of a Mounted Native American Warrior on it's Front, with the words ''INDIAN CAMPAIGN'' placed over this image. A Wreath with Twin Stars was placed below The Warrior. The Rear was commonly left blank, onto which was often engraved with The Recipient name, Unit, Year and name of Action awarded. Prior to 1917, The Medal had a solid Blood Red Ribbon, but this was changed to add several Black Stripes.