USMC ''Red'' Service Flag

by Crusader1307

Replacing The ''Blue'' USMC Service Flag in use since 1916, The 1939 USMC ''Red'' Service Flag is one of the most recognized of all US Service Colors in The World. It was based on The ''Blue'' Flag in overall design. The color bright Red was chosen to allow The Flag to ''stand out'' or be seen (whereas the former ''Blue'' too resembled the basic US Army Regimental Standard.


A Red Field in entirety, The Eagle, Globe and Anchor Insignia is placed Center (as before). Coloring of The World image is Silver, with all other images smaller (in relation) and colored in Gold. The imaging was designed to more closely resemble the actual insignia worn on a Marine Uniform.


Rather than multiple Bannerolls, only (1) was used and placed under The EGA. It reads ''UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.'' No other phrasing is used (regulating such to Guidon and related usage). The Service Flag also features a Yellow Border which surrounds the Flag Perimeter (other than The Hoist). Since World War II, as is US Military Tradition, The ''Red'' Service Flag also carries the previously discussed ''Battle Streamers'' (attached to The Staff, on The Hoist side). Field Versions do not bear The Fringe (and are plain).