US M125 Bomblet

by Crusader1307

The US M125 Bomblet was an early Cold War Chemical munition, which was the first such ''air delivery'' system of it's kind placed into US Inventory. It was first introduced in 1954. The M125 was part of a ''Cluster'' deployment weapon. This bomb was dropped by conventional means (aerial platform), over a specified target. Upon detonation at a pre-determined altitude, the M125 Bomblets would deploy. The device (weighing 10-lbs), would ''float'' to detonation point and explode via a timed fuse. The resulting heat generated would vaporize the chemical inside into vapor – thus covering a target with deadly Nerve Toxion (or related). The chosen chemical was Sarin. Over 25,000 M125 were manufactured between 1954 and 1976 (when stock piles were eventually destroyed). The M125 was also deployed with several Classes of US Army Surface to Air Missile Systems of the 1960s.