British Westland ''Wyvern'' Strike Fighter Plane

by Crusader1307

The British Westland ''Wyvern'' was a low-level, ground support Strike Fighter deployed with The British Royal Navy in 1958. The design was actually accepted after World War II (1946), for a Naval Support Fighter. Redesigns cause the delay in deployment. A workhorse during The Suez Crisis of 1956, The Wyvern saw late action in The Conflict (with good results). Only 130 Models were produced before The Royal Navy decided to change their policies with regards to ''Ground Support'' Fighters.


Crewed by (1), The Wyvern was 42-feet long with a wingspan of 44-feet. They could be retracted for better storage in Carrier transport. Power was provided by a Single Armstrong Python Engine (with dual-props), capable of 3,500-HP. Speed was rated at 380-mph with an operational mission range of 900-miles. Their ceiling was rated to 12,000-feet. Armament varied from (4) 20mm Cannon, (16) SA Rockets or (1) 1,500-lb Torpedo. The Fighter could also support up to 3,000-lbs of Bombs.