Chateau De Montsegur


Little is known of the fortification located in Montesgur, France prior to 1204. It was renovated in that year by Raymond de Pereille. It was taken (without force by the local religious group known as The Cathars. Upon hearing this in 1242, Hughes de Arcis (local Montsegur Lord), compiled a force of 10,000 troops and lay siege to the fortification (which lasted around 9 months). Those who surrendered were allowed to leave. Those who stayed were killed and the fortress was destroyed.


Rebuilt in 1244, it remained a center for local military activities until the 17th Century (when it was abandoned). Of The Spur Castle design, Montsegur was built to make maximum use of the rocky plateau it occupies. A rearward central Donjon was constructed with it's 10 foot thick perimeter walls built outward (towards the cliff face). There is no evidence of defensive Towers having been constructed (with the 1204 or 1244 renovations). The Castle ruins also have it's “Urban Legend”, attesting to the fact that many religious treasures were kept there (even The Holy Grail). It can still be visited.

Chateau De Montesegur 1 Chateau De Montsegur