Frank ''Pistol Pete'' Eaton

by Crusader1307

While Frank Eaton (aka ''Pistol Pete'') was a known Cowboy, Indian Scout and Fighter, also a Writer – He was also possible a liar (or so some say). A spinner of ''Tall Tales'', Frank was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1860. At 8 years old, Frank and His Family moved to Kansas. His Father would be killed by former Confederate Raiders. Frank was told at an early age that a ''real Man'' would avenge this act. Frank learned how to shoot. At 15, Frank set out to find His Father's killers. His journey took Him to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. The Fort was having a shooting competition in which Frank joined. He out shot the best the US Cavalry could offer. Given a Medal for His efforts, The Post Commander gave Frank the name ''Pistol Pete'' – it would stick.


While Frank never did find His Father's killers, Frank would in His older years make outlandish claims (some that could be proven, others not). He claimed to have out shot William ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody, been a Marshal under Judge Issac Parker ''The ''Hanging Judge'', even having had His live ''saved'' when a bullet struck a Cross He was wearing, deflecting it. He fought Indians ''hand to hand'', worked as a Blacksmith – the ''list'' of accomplishments would fill several lifetimes.


Frank was married (twice), had 9 children and 31 grandchildren. Frank wrote of His exploits, and His books did very well. Still despite much of Franks ''Tall Tales'', He was an accredited shot, a fact that He often demonstrated even in His later years. He died at the age of 98 in 1958 in Oklahoma, His funeral attracted hundreds.