Stronghold Legends

A mythical castle builder recounting the fables of King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler and Siegfried of Xanten, Stronghold Legends introduces three unique factions, special units and completely new abilities. While Stronghold 2 focuses on deep economic 'sim' gameplay, Legends introduces fantasy elements and new combat mechanics.

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Stronghold Legends Game Units

By Lord_Chris

As Firefly have confirmed themselves, Stronghold Legends has more than double the number of units of any other game in the series. The following is a …

Deathmatch vs King of the Hill Mode

By Lord_Chris

The Custom Skirmish settings in Stronghold Legends provide two distinctly separate game types for you to play: the first (and default) is Deathmatch, …

An Introduction to Factions in Stronghold Legends

By Lord_Chris

Unlike the previous games of the series, Stronghold Legends introduces the unique (and in my opinion very exciting) ability to play as a faction. For …

Stronghold Legends Custom Skirmish Settings

By Lord_Chris

This article will briefly introduce you to the Custom Skirmish scenario type in Stronghold Legends, and what you need to do in order to play both by y …

Stronghold Legends Awards

By Lord_Chris

In Stronghold Legends you can gain various awards for fulfilling certain tasks. There are a total of 60 awards which you can achieve throughout the ga …

Newest downloads

Bonus Maps & 4th Legends Trail

By Lord_Chris

This file is the official Firefly Studios installation to add the 4th exclusive Stronghold Legends bonus Trail Arthur's Challenge into your game. Alon …

Stronghold Legends Manual

By Lord_Chris

Here you can find the official Stronghold Legends game Manual in PDF format. …

Meeting after years

By Kronoxus

The map was created for a certain project for a contest between my friends in Poland, but I decided to change the story a bit and make the english ver …

Uther Campaign (2/2)

By rfortuna

Sorry for my english mistake Short campaign about Uther before Arthur's story. Save your Kingdom of the saxon invasion and fight the Tyrant Vortiggern …

Tales of the Overlord

By rfortuna

(Version 1.3) Sorry for bad english! THis story is based on the game Overlord. This is the first 4 mission Embarrassingly defeated 5 years ago by a gr …