Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer grand strategy game and the first ever Stronghold castle sim on mobile. Kingdoms is about forging alliances, political mind games, city-building and castle sieges with 1000s of other players. Players must first design and defend their castle before turning their eye to the rest of the country, Europe and the world!

Latest Content

How To Load Any Memorised Castle Into Your Village

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Step 1 First you need to memorize the in-game castle that you want to load into your new village. Step 2 Once you have memorized the castle you …

How the Parish Profits from Your Sales

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How it works As some of you know, there are two methods used to generate commerce for your parish. The most wildly known and used is the tithe (or ta …

All Wolf Castle Designs and How To Remove Each One

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Introduction The Wolf will appear in parishes at random intervals same as all other AIs, being more likely to appear in parishes with many high rankin …

How To NOT Get Attacked or The "Laws" of Neutrality

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How to Remain 100% Neutral War is not for everyone, reading the following bulletined list will give you a comprehensive rundown on what you can do to …

Gold Raiding a Capital (Parish)

By Sir DavidSpy

Misconceptions First, to establish some common misconceptions about gold raids: A parish is a small area on the map enclosed with a circular line, th …