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Stronghold Crusader 2 Minimum Requirements

By Lord_Chris
The minimum requirements for Stronghold Crusader 2 to run on your computer.

Locking/Unlocking Stronghold Crusader 2 Maps

By Lord_Chris
This article shows you how to lock or unlock maps in Stronghold 3 and Stronghold Crusader 2.

Enable Viewing All Game Files

By Lord_Chris
Stronghold Crusader 2, not unlike the previous games of the series, consists of well over 100 Megabytes of file data. On the contrary however, unlike the previous installments of the series, most of the data that game modders like getting to is seemingly hidden. This article shows how to "unhide" the files so you can edit them.

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By Andreas9541
This is the last skirmish mission of the Princess and Pig skirmish trail. There is only one enemy left who can be killed very easily. Difficulty is set to normal. …

Galactic Crusaders

By Andreas9541
This map was the inspiration behind 'The Dangerous Wilds'. It looks unlike any other sandbox map out there. …

The Dangerous Wilds

By Andreas9541
This map was part of competition. …

The Viking Crusade

By Mezzy Chizra
INTRODUCTION Barbarians, plunderers, vikings – the whole world freezes in shock when they see our Dragon Boats. Haakon the Good, Harald Fairhair, even Eric the Red... …

Lake Oasis

By Tokamaps
This is a just for view map that was made for week 37 of the 52 weeks of stronghold contest. For viewing this you need to have the stronghold crusader 2 mapeditor from s …