Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader 2 is the long awaited sequel to Stronghold Crusader, a game many consider to be the definitive castle sim. Crusader 2 defines old school real time strategy in a new 3D engine with fiendish AI characters, fast-paced skirmish gameplay and new troops, traps and castles.

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Stronghold Crusader 2 Minimum Requirements

By Lord_Chris

Minimum Requirements Processor: 2.0GHz CPU or equivalent RAM: 2 GB RAM Video Memory: 512 MB VRAM Hard Drive Space: 6 GB Operating System: Windows 7/V …

Locking/Unlocking Stronghold Crusader 2 Maps

By Lord_Chris

In this article, I'd like to show you how to lock or unlock Stronghold Crusader 2 maps. In Stronghold 2, you can download our Map Unlocker program, th …

Unarchiving Stronghold Crusader 2 Files

By Lord_Chris

Stronghold Crusader 2, not unlike the previous games of the series, consists of over 1 Gigabyte of file data. On the contrary however, unlike the prev …

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The First Floor

By StrongholdGeek

The First Floor To Shay …


By Andreas9541

This is the last skirmish mission of the Princess and Pig skirmish trail. There is only one enemy left who can be killed very easily. Difficulty is se …

Galactic Crusaders

By Andreas9541

This map was the inspiration behind 'The Dangerous Wilds'. It looks unlike any other sandbox map out there. …

The Dangerous Wilds

By Andreas9541

This map was part of competition. …

The Viking Crusade

By Mezzy Chizra

INTRODUCTION Barbarians, plunderers, vikings – the whole world freezes in shock when they see our Dragon Boats. Haakon the Good, Harald Fairhair, eve …