Stronghold 2 Tutorials

Bridges Over Canyons fix for 1.4.1
3rd Apr 2016 - This tutorial allows for a workaround for using bridges over canyons in Stronghold 2 version 1.4.1.

Making Tunnels in Stronghold 2
30th Mar 2016 - Have you ever wanted to place a tunnel in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you would like to have an escape tunnel for a castle, or maybe a hidden ambush tunnel for outlaws. With this new found trick for making tunnels, there are endless possibilities for new maps!

Making Farms without Farmhouses
29th Mar 2016 - Have you ever wanted to place a farm without the farmhouse in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you wanted to show fields of crops, or vegetable patches without the building getting in the way. With this new found trick, you can place any number of farms without buildings attached to them.

Making Minimaps in Stronghold 2
17th Mar 2016 - This article explains how to make Stronghold 2 preview images from minimaps.

Stronghold 2 AI Editor
3rd Mar 2016 - This article will introduce you to the Stronghold 2 AI editor and show your how to use it.

Moving Ships
30th Nov 2015 - This article will explain how to move ships in Stronghold 2.

Making Hidden Pathways
29th Nov 2015 - This very simple trick shows how to make forests that contain hidden pathways in Stronghold 2.

Lone Campfires
24th Oct 2015 - How about a lone campfire in one of your missions where your troops are based? This tutorial will show you how to add campfires to your Stronghold 2 maps.

Animal Compounds
20th Oct 2015 - If you're tired of your livestock running all over the map, then why not try placing them inside an animal compound? This tutorial shows you how to not only keep your livestock inside a compound, but also keep attackers out.

Customising Load Screens
20th Oct 2015 - Are you tired of looking at the same load screens all of the time in Stronghold 2? Well, fear not! Now you have the ability to change them for good! This tutorial shows you how to customise any load screen, victory screen or anything inbetween in Stronghold 2.