Stronghold 2 Gameinfo

Stronghold 2 Minimum Requirements
3rd Jul 2016 - The minimum requirements for Stronghold 2 to run on your computer.

7th Apr 2014 - Neutral estates in stronghold 2 cost 100 honour. Once purchased, unlike stronghold legends you may build most buildings in that estate. Read more here.

Keyboard Shortcuts
7th Apr 2014 - This is a list of all the working keyboard shortcuts in Stronghold 2. There may be more, however only these are proved to work.

31st Mar 2014 - Popularity is essential in stronghold 2. To get a good economy up and running, your popularity must be 50 or higher, and there are numerous things which affect it.

24th Mar 2014 - What is honour used for in Stronghold 2 - how do I get it? Well, find out here!

Game Ranks
15th Mar 2014 - This article shows all types of ranks in stronghold 2. From the Freeman to the Duke, you'll know what all of it is now!

Triggers And Events Overview
7th Mar 2014 - This article will show you every single trigger and event in the Stronghold 2 Editor complete with a defintition for each — Map Making has never been so easy!

Scenario Types
4th Mar 2014 - This shows you every type of playable scenario in Stronghold 2. Kingmaker, Custom War, Peace Custom, Free Build and Multiplayer

Stronghold 2 Game Resources
15th Feb 2014 - This will show you all of the game resources in stronghold 2, what they are used for and how they are collected with images of each one. This includes granary food, weapons, stockpile respurces and food from the Lord's Kitchen.

Stronghold 2 Patch Information
14th Feb 2014 - Here is the patch information on Stronghold 2, showing you what all the different patches are with links to download them.