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Stronghold 2 Minimum Requirements

By Lord_Chris
The minimum requirements for Stronghold 2 to run on your computer.

Bridges Over Canyons fix for 1.4.1

By Lord_Chris
This tutorial allows for a workaround for using bridges over canyons in Stronghold 2 version 1.4.1.

Making Tunnels in Stronghold 2

By Lord_Chris
Have you ever wanted to place a tunnel in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you would like to have an escape tunnel for a castle, or maybe a hidden ambush tunnel for outlaws. With this new found trick for making tunnels, there are endless possibilities for new maps!

Making Farms without Farmhouses

By Lord_Chris
Have you ever wanted to place a farm without the farmhouse in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you wanted to show fields of crops, or vegetable patches without the building getting in the way. With this new found trick, you can place any number of farms without buildings attached to them.

Making Minimaps in Stronghold 2

By EaglePrince
This article explains how to make Stronghold 2 preview images from minimaps.

Newest Downloads

Pillars of Fate

By Charles of Tours
[u][b]Pillars of Fate[/b][/u] A Stronghold Nation Community Multiplayer Map [i]Terrain Design by[/i] [user]Charles of Tours[/user] [i]Texturing by[/i] [user]Mathew Steel[ …

Stonghold 2 Desert Mod

By Lord_Chris
This will modify Stronghold 2 and change the textures to be like a Desert such as that in Stronghold Crusader, along with various other components. Simply run the install …

Egyptian Walls Mod

By Lord_Chris
This will modify the way walls look in the game to be like Egyptian Walls: [img][/img] Remember to backup y …

Castle in the Swamp

By jmatthes
Map originally developed by Sir Mils out of Stronghold heaven homepage. Then modified by myself. Hope he will grant that to me because his map is so well designed! I add …


By jmatthes
[list=*] [*]Mission 1: Acquire 90 Wood & 20 Iron[/*] [*]Mission 2: Control 3 estates[/*] [*]Mission 3: Kill Olaf[/*] [*]Mission 4: Kill Lady Seren[/*] [/list] …