Stronghold 1 Tutorials

Hades Terrain
24th Nov 2015 - In the Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader map editors, it is possible to make land lower than the minimum height. This trick was discovered by Stronghold Knights, and is called the "Hades" trick.

24th Nov 2015 - Floods are one of many natural disasters you can use in your maps to be destructive. They can destroy large numbers of buildings, roads, and even completely ruin vast areas of lands. In this tutorial, we're going to show you hot to make perfect floods, and also make sure that buildings, farms as well as roads, are all submerged in your flood.

Eye Candy Churches
24th Oct 2015 - Stronghold 1 has wonderful structures, but you are limited with structure type. This article shows you how to build eye-candy churches which really lift your settlement!

Making Dead Trees
9th Aug 2015 - This article will show you how to efficiently make dead trees in Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader - without doing it in-game!

Constructing Construction Sites
28th Jul 2015 - Have you ever wanted to create a construction site in Stronghold? Perhaps it will be a tower, church or even something as simple as a stone building. Fear not! From this moment on, you actually can!

Customisable Wall Towers
28th Jul 2015 - A stone Keep built on minimum height, surrounded by walls and towers is not structurally very complex. However, if you build the castle on multiple heights, use wall tricks to create custom towers embattlements, castle interiors .etc, then it will very soon become complex! This article will show you how to make custom towers in Stronghold 1.

The Arch of Talos
27th Jul 2015 - The Arch of Talos has many uses in Stronghold and can also be used in Stronghold Crusader.

Creating Secret Passages
27th Jul 2015 - This ingeniously simple trick will teach you how to add secret passages to your own maps in Stronghold 1!

Advanced Wooden Gatehouses
6th Jul 2015 - Using a small wooden gate may not be the best idea for defence, but it's certainly the best idea for stunning scenery on a map. This article shows you how to achieve such an affect.

Adding Custom Messages in the LOTR Mod
23rd Feb 2015 - This article shows you how to add custom messages in the LOTR Mod of Stronghold 1.