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Stronghold 1 Minimum Requirements

By Lord_Chris
The minimum requirements for Stronghold 1 to run on your computer.

Stronghold 1 Editor Overview

By Lord_Chris
In Stronghold 1, the editor is very easy to use and very quickly allows you to access the area you would like to be. This is a brief overview of the Stronghold 1 editor.

Hades Terrain

By Lord_Chris
In the Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader map editors, it is possible to make land lower than the minimum height. This trick was discovered by Stronghold Knights, and is called the "Hades" trick.


By Lord_Chris
Floods are one of many natural disasters you can use in your maps to be destructive. They can destroy large numbers of buildings, roads, and even completely ruin vast areas of lands. In this tutorial, we're going to show you hot to make perfect floods, and also make sure that buildings, farms as well as roads, are all submerged in your flood.

Eye Candy Churches

By Crusader1307
Stronghold 1 has wonderful structures, but you are limited with structure type. This article shows you how to build eye-candy churches which really lift your settlement!

Newest Downloads

Stronghold HD (1.3) patch

By EaglePrince
This is Stronghold HD patch to the version 1.3. You can also download the latest patch for Stronghold HD from [url][/url]. …

The Fifth Lord: The Raven

By rfortuna
Before everything, sorry for my english mistake, but i think that the story shoulb be understandable. This economic campaign coming soon What if they were five? And if …

Burial Ground

By MantasX12
[b]Story[/b] Long ago a gruesome battle took place here. Some warriors emerged victorious, others failed miserably. Those who have fallen, now rest beneath the oaks. Are …

Castle Kollnburg

By Steinhardt
Castle Kollnburg Bavarian Forest, Germany, Kollnburg with Kollnburg History of the castle Kollnburg • mid-12th century .: The Castle of the Counts was built from …

Castle Rosenburg

By Steinhardt
Castle Rosenburg Picturesque ruins of a small castle on grubbing steep hill about 2km west of Herisau. Probably in the early 13th century. Founded plant belonged to a …