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Stronghold 1 Minimum Requirements

By Lord_Chris
Minimum Requirements Processor: 300MHz CPU or equivalent RAM: 64 MB RAM Video Memory: 4 MB VRAM Hard Drive Space: 750 MB Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Direc …

Stronghold 1 Editor Overview

By Lord_Chris
In Stronghold 1, the editor is very easy to use and very quickly allows you to access the area you would like to be. This editor is also reused in Stronghold Crusader, an …

Hades Terrain

By Lord_Chris
In the Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader map editors, it is possible to make land lower than the minimum height. This trick was discovered by Stronghold Knights, and i …


By Lord_Chris
Floods are one of many natural disasters you can use in your maps to be destructive. They can destroy large numbers of buildings, roads, and even completely ruin vast are …

Eye Candy Churches

By Crusader1307
Stronghold 1 has wonderful structures, but you are limited with structure type. This is true of the 3 kinds of Religious structures the game provides. All important for t …

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Dietrich Campaign (1.4)

By rfortuna
<p>This is a remake of the Dietrich campaign of STR Legends.</p><p> Incarnate Dietrich and SIegfried the greatest hero of scandinavian legends and lead their kingdom to g …

Tiny castle

By odisseus
<p>Probably the tiniest enclosed castle in the game, with an equally tiny siege force. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that the siege will be trivial for either side. </p …


By odisseus
<p>The Wolf has challenged you to one-on-one combat. Suspecting treachery, you brought a couple of bodyguards, but, somewhat surprisingly, you find the Wolf standing alon …

Broken truce

By odisseus
<p>The King's army suffered a crushing defeat. You managed to negotiate safe passage for your troops, on the condition of giving up all weapons. Soon after, one of the en …

Dig for victory

By odisseus
<p>A mining village has rebelled due to a sudden tax hike. The lord has escaped into his mountain hideout and deployed his bodyguards to block the approach.</p><p> You mu …