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Mathew Steel

Stronghold Warlords - The Next Stronghold Instalment

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Nicely said, Crusader.

Nigel, it's so good to hear from you! You're right. I myself am one of those who want to wait a little bit. Although, the biggest reason for myself is a lot of work that I have at the moment. So, I should meet you on the battlefield just after the summer sale.

If you find some time, it would be great to hear some of your impressions about the game.

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Posted (edited)

Hi EaglePrince,

I actually just posted a review on Steam. You should be able to see it here:


Beyond that, I can say that I am really enjoying it.
Some of the hardcore players say that the AI is too easy, but for a casual gamer like me, the "hard" difficulty setting of the missions is just fine. I find that I can complete most missions on the second attempt and even had to go back to "normal" on one occasion so far. I guess easy and normal are more for players that are new to SH and there is extreme difficulty now for the pros. I h
aven't tried much multiplayer yet. As always, there are reports of instability in MP after launch and I am waiting for some more patches, before I go into that area. 

I also like their discord channel. The mods there keep it nice and constructive. And the devs are posting there and asking for feedback and questions. For sure a step in the right direction for FireFly.


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no idea why the text is highlighted.

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Nice review, Nigel!

My entire impression with Crusader 2 as well was that it was too easy. Although I'm not a good Crusader 2 player, it is not easy for me to win the games, but my feeling is that one can learn to wipe the floor with the AI pretty fast. Mostly because the game seems much simpler than Stronghold 1 and Crusader 1.

And what I disliked too was the fact that a weak PC affects how good you can play too much. For example, with lowest possible graphics settings you don't see fire in Crusader 2, you can only see the ashes as if the fire had been gone for a while. So you don't notice your army burning...

Hopefully, they addressed this issue, but I don't lay my hopes into that. Now I have better desktop PC than when we used to our play Crusader 2 games. So, hopefully, it should be fine once I get the game.

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I bought Warlords as soon as it came out. Unfortunately my PC broke pretty soon after so I haven't had a chance to get any content or articles done yet. But, I do have to say that I really like it. Firefly have done a great job with it, the overall theme and depth of the game is very impressive.


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For those who are interested: there is currently a 20% discount on Steam for this game.  Offer ends 10th of May.

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AAron from FireFly has just started a new series of videos: The Stronghold Show.

Welcome Sire! - The Stronghold Show - YouTube


It is a new format where FireFly is combining updates on their games with spotlights on community created content.
Check it out and support it if you like it. If it is successful, they will make it a monthly show. 

I really think that is a good concept, in particular as they are giving recognition to what the community is creating. 🙂
This issue is highlighting Jergy's wonderful SH2 maps and Udwin's work on YouTube videos for Stronghold.

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