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Mathew Steel

What are your favourite games?

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As the title says! What are your favourite games of all time? Whether it's down to the game mechanics, the concept, or the story! Let me know, and why! I should add, this is excluding any games from the Stronghold franchise :P



For me, it's a difficult decision between SWAT 4 and the Titanfall 2 campaign. I love those games. SWAT 4 has such a charm to it for its age, and the game mechanics are so clever and unique, I can't get enough of it! As for Titanfall 2, the story is amazing.

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Stronghold aside, my other great passion is the Total War series (hate that title, but the games are great).


Currently I have re-discovered Attila TW and am playing my way through the Carlemagne Campaign as well as having a lot of multiplayer fun.

Other titles of that series I have extensively played are Medieval1, Shogun(1+2) and Napoleon. I am sure going to get Thrones of Brittania sooner or later (perhaps rather sooner than later :) ).


I also love Mount & Blade Warband. Pitty that there is no MP campaign for this game. I may give Bannerlord a try when it finally comes out.



My other great interest (other than the knights and kingdoms theme) is the era of pirates and battleships. I played Sid Meier's Pirates! to death and a less known, but pretty good follower called Cutthroats. A year ago I picked up Tempest, which is not too expensive and really nicely done, considering is it from a small (Indie) developer - almost a 1 man project. That game has some enjoyable MP options - both in PVP and co-op.

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I love Total War too. My favourite by far is Medieval 2 Total War. I have all the expansion packs for that. Right now I'm playing the Britannia campaign.


I think it's a huge pity Sega moved their games to be Steam Exclusive several years ago as it puts me off buying more.


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