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Stronghold Europe 1.5 - A new Version available

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Suddenly i've released a new version of mod. A little changelog:


  • Three?new historical campaigns and first 10 missions of new European Trail;
  • Three invasion/economic missions;
  • Many Skirmish maps;
  • Blue colored player;
  • Fixed Firefly AIVs by Evrey;
  • Wolves, birches, no arabian lords;
  • Mod speech adapted to English version;
  • Full russian localization with it's own speech files;





Google Drive

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You're more than welcome to upload the mod here for our members! I'll happily look at it and if all is well, authorise the upload!

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Oh, thanks! :D?But i don't think i could upload it on website, because file limit is 128 Mb, and .zip archive with mod is under 760 Mb.

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Heck, I am going to download it, and burn to a disk, and everything. These things have to be saved for generations to come. :D 'member how hardly we managed to find the Stronghold 2 AI Manager, for playing with AI lords in multiplayer? Yes, I 'member. :D


Thank you for your work, all that sounds awesome!

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