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Where to buy an unlocked iPhone SE in the US?

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Hey, guys! Black Friday is near, and as my girlfriend learned, it should be possible to buy an iPhone SE in the USA for about 100 bugs. Now, we're in Serbia of course, but her friend is in the states right now, and she could buy it for her, and bring it to Serbia when she travels here to visit her family. It is also important that the phone is carrier unlocked so it could work with SIM cards of carriers in Serbia.


The reason for trying to do something like this is that technology here is more expensive in general, and not to mention not having such sales as in America.


Now, we've had a look at some iPhone SE phones at Walmart, but from what I can tell, each of them is locked to some carrier, and it's of no use to us. Can you recommend some mall, or shop, where we could tell my girlfriends friend to order the phone from? Of course, the best would be if the phone could be ordered online, my girlfriend certainly doesn't want to talk her friend into all that crowd for a phone.



OK, so later during the day we just figured that it may not be possible to get the iPhone SE for 100 bugs, at least not? an unlocked one... And the fact that Walmart doesn't have an unlocked iPhone SE appeared to be a coincidence. But the question still holds. If somebody could recommend a reliable seller in the US who might offer a discount, that'd be great. :)

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