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Just a quick note to let people know that we now have walkthroughs for all missions & trails in Stronghold Legends. Head on over to our walkthroughs section to have a look.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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      I thought we could discuss the trails here.   My progress:   I finished #7: Greek Fire and #8: Sands of Times recently.   In Greek Fire, I saw the Caliph actually use fire ballistas offensively and catapults, and while I had to constantly replace troops, I was able to easily defend cuz there was only 1 ford through which the enemy could travel. I should've blocked the ford a bit earlier though......   In Sands of Time, I had more difficulty than expected. Rather than fight the rats over the ston

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      According to the Stronghold Knights archive, there used to be a bug that let you add invasions to non-invasion maps via the [ALT]+[COMMA] trick. This bug (or perhaps you could consider it a feature ;) ) has since been fixed, however, it is still possible to add preplanned events and objectives to a free-build map (messages too!)   This post will show you how to create an economic mission that can use the [F1] Free-build editor to change the course of the mission.   Creating a Free-build Economic

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