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Mathew Steel

The Legend of the Mistaken Lord

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It was once said that it takes more than troops to win a war, and by heavens I hope that man spoke truth, for I have found myself in a situation no man, nor beast, would like to be part of. When one's reputation has been manipulated to nothing but cinders, there is little chance for them. I, Lord Steel, have no allies in these lands I once called my own. These lands were once a place of war and terror. I, along with few friends, brought peace via strength and diplomacy when I was a young man. Soon enough I was offered to protect the land's and its people, I did so willingly, and successfully. If it were not for a recent plot to defame me, these lands would remain a safe place.?


We thought it was the end of him many decades ago. He who calls himself The Hawk. Lord William's brother - Pascal. His constant bombardment of the weak for his own gain, and his plot to kill The King, meant that he proposed a great threat to the peace we wanted to much. In time, we had no option but to take care of him. We were sure that was the end...Lady Seren said she would ensure he never sets foot on common ground again. I always knew she was not someone to put my faith in, however, William had convinced me otherwise. It was her discreet want of the throne that led to her siding with Pascal, creating a plan to defame me, and finally rising to power. A few years ago, not even a Freeman would fear her, but now, an entire united power fears her.?


The Alliance of Merryfay was established at the end of the Odieux War. It consisted of twelve Lords, all with their own land, army, and kingdom. Now, it is no more. Seren and Pascal threatened the weaker Lord's of The Alliance to step down, or face a torturous life of constant raiding, pain, and blame. It wasn't long before my people revolted. They were lied to by several spies of Pascal, posing as townsfolk, spreading dishonest information. I was made to appear a thief. It was told that the food given to my people was stolen from the members of The Alliance. This was untrue. My own guards allowed the people into the Keep, where I was given an option to step down, or be killed. Knowing this was the first step of a bigger picture, I stepped down, with the intention of uncovering the truth, and restoring justice and peace to the lands.


I have a small settlement, hundreds of miles from my previous home. There are few people who have not learnt of my past, and have willingly built families on my new, but small, land. My first order of business is to raise a small military power, in order to protect myself and my new followers, who will soon be of great help in my upcoming task of finding Pascal and Seren, and to put an end to this evil treatment, once and for all.



- The Legend of the Mistaken Lord


*in progress*

Edited by Mathew Steel

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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This sounds fantastic - I'm looking forward to it! :)


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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