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Tiny map contest

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Let's have a tiny map competition!


Your map must be:

  • 160x160 in size
  • Made for either Stronghold or Stronghold: Crusader
  • 15 years or less in length
  • Created specifically for this competition (no reusing of existing maps)
That's it!




I will judge the entries, along with anyone who indicates they're interested in participating in judging. More judges will make this contest more fun, so I would encourage all comers to judge.


Each judge will create a ranking of the entries by how much they enjoyed each one. The lowest-ranking map will receive one point, the second-lowest, two, etc. Judges will not rank their own maps should they submit one. The final score for a map will be the number of points it receives divided by the number of judges who have given it a rank. The winner is the submission which is awarded the highest score.


Competition Timeline


You must submit your entry and/or declare your intent to participate in judging before the end of October 18th, 2016 UTC/GMT. If you plan to submit an entry, post in this thread indicating that you wish to do so.


Judges will have two weeks from the closing of the contest to play and rank the submissions. If several entries are received, then the time may be extended to accommodate that fact. If a judge fails to come forward with rankings by the deadline, then their input is forfeit.


Submitting Entries


Entries are to be submitted to the downloads section. Once your map is available in the downloads section, post a link to the download in this thread.


Come make yourself a fun tiny map!


Submit your entry before midnight UTC/GMT October 18th, 2016!

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