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I want to cheat

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Okay I want to cheat by editing the 'trails' maps.

How to I do it?

I want to unlock legends - all the maps.

It's simple in Stronghold 2 but I cannot do it Legends.

I assume it's do-able but how?

I searched the 'net and one link said use Excel (believe it or not I have office 97). It did open it (eventually) but revealed only symbols.

I did download the ?'ultimate bundle' of saves - but don't know how to use them or if they will even allow editing.

Any help from here will certainly be appreciated.

Also a logical reason why Firefly is so paranoid about players unlocking the maps would be interesting to hear.


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Yes, in Stronghold 2 it's much easier to unlock stuff but in legends firefly have upped the game quite a bit.


Unfortunately all saved profile data has been compiled into a little .dat file in the profile location: Documents/Stronghold Legends/Profiles/


It's quite infuriating and does have more chance of corruption, but there is nothing I've been able to do to actually be able to get access to it. Everything, awards, missions unlocked, trails unlocked .... Everything for a user profile is stored inside that .dat file there.


As you rightly mentioned (and I'll explain this part for the benefit for other users) the only known way to unlock everything in Stronghold Legends is to download a mission which has been saved, load it in your game and let it win. You can download the 'ultimate bundle' (all saved missions and trails in Stronghold Legends) here by @Floki.


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