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Does anyone want these maps?

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Question in the subject. I have no plans to work on them, and thought "Good enough."


CecKZJA.png ?XEvj2OJ.png ?OgMVs7C.png? 7caK4mh.png ?jaZovnI.png



Two of them might look familiar. The other three were made sometime later. I might work on 1 and 3 later in life, maybe turn 3 into a campaign or something.

4 and 5 were made where the player actually owns the castle. 2 and 3 were going to be cedes. The mid plain in 4 was supposed to be part of a waterfall, but should be closer to the village.

But yeah, I just don't wanna work on any of them.


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Good idea - I may actually pick them up and do something with them sometime.

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