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Stronghold 2 on Steam

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Hi, I may have asked something like this before, but I haven't found that on the forum, so in that case sorry for asking one same question again.


I was thinking about buying Stronghold Collection from Steam, although I do already have Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader 1 which I got as gifts after getting Stronghold 3 and Stronghold Crusader 2, but before I do that I want to ask this first.


Does Stronghold 2 on Steam behave the same as Stronghold 1 and Crusader 1 on Steam? By that I mean on the fact that I am able to run Stronghold 1 and Crusader 1 without launching Steam, and I don't have the Steam overlay while playing those two (no matter if the Steam is running or not). Does it work the same way with Stronghold 2, and now when we mention Stronghold 2 - does it work the same way with Stronghold Legends too?


This would make me playing Stronghold 2 with my family easier.

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Well, I do not not the answer for you, but I would also be interested in hearing it :)

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As far as I'm aware, you need to run Steam. But I don't know this either.


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I have bought Stronghold Collection recently for my mom (and for myself :P ), as it's on sale, and I already have SH1, SHC1, SH3, and SHC2 on my account. Then I shared those games from her account with myself, so we could both play it. Now I tried it with Stronghold Legends, and no, it doesn't work the same way as Stronghold 1 and Crusader 1. If I double-click the exe file while Steam isn't working it just shows me some error code. In order to play the game if the Steam isn't running I need to double-click an internet shortcut which was made by Steam, and then Steam starts automatically.


Now I will try it with Stronghold 2 as well, but I am almost sure that it will be the same, as those two are similar games.


So, yes, I finally have Stronghold Legends again. :D

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I have non-Steam versions of SHL and SH2 and when I run them through Steam I can use the overlay. You can turn this off with any game that has the overlay by right clicking the game's name in the Steam Library, click Properties, go to the General tab, and uncheck "Enable the Steam overlay while in-game."


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Thanks Charles for that info, I just tried it, and it works great! All hail Gaben! :D


By the way, I spoke to Charles a minute ago, he also told me that Steam overlay doesn't work in multiplayer unless the player has Steam version of the game. Still, this is very useful for multiplayer games. I am thinking about installing Steam version on my PC now, though the only thing which could stop me from that is if I may not be able to use AI manager with the Steam version.

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