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Disable certain type of trip troops in kingmaker map?

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Hi, do you know how could we disable some unit types in kingmaker map? It's not that I need i it right now, but after making those William's castles, and after playing Tokamaps's most resent kingmaker map started to wonder about this one.


This would make kingmaker harder, as without knights it would be harder to kill a lord in a well defended castle. Also, I believe that Tokamaps disabled buying any type of goods on his map, and that made me believe that similar is possible with troops.


I'm also interested to know how would this effect AI lords that is those "forbidden" troops.

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In Kingmaker maps, no scripting is present - so it's not possible to disable any troop type or set any specific events. What you could do is make a custom war map with a certain amount of lords and set the win condition to killing all the AI lords.


Only that way you'd be able to set custom troops. I understand it's not exactly ideal, as you have set opponents - but this is the only way it's possible.


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Or limit yourself to, say, max. 12 knights at a time.


It is not unusal for players to play with such "house rules" to make their game more interesing. I have seen this beeing discussed for other games, too.


A quite good one for certain games is this one: "only keep 1 save game file".

With that you can only ever go forward and are not able to go back to an earlier save, if you find yourself in a difficult situation. You cannot just wipe out your mistakes from the past, you have to accept them and deal with them. Quite realisitc. XD

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