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wolf lord reskin

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hey was wondering if anyone who is good with editing skin textures could create a lord model based off the appearance of the wolf in?stronghold 3 for use in stronghold 2?


also i'm having trouble finding the download page for stronghold 2 I see the?"latest downloaded" but is there a way to just view all?the downloads that have been posted??


sorry new to the forum

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Go to stronghold Nation download central/stronghold 2/misceleaneus


I dont think the mod your using had been done ever.


I personally Not very good in Designing scins for the armor units.

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Hi @sethsr12, welcome to the site!


You can find the download section here: http://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/


You can navigate to this on the left hand menu of the main side -> Download Central


Related to the question you asked - you could probably use the same texture from Stronghold 3 and just place it on an existing unit. You may find the following tutorials interesting:



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