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Medieval rts game in developing

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Dont understand me wrong, I just want to tell you guys about a just in developing process being game which needs your Support.?


You can Support them on patreon.


The games name is AEgrotum imperium and the indie team working on it are named hackish Codes and they are german.


Dont worry, they have already a translator for english stuff ;)

If questions are appearing, or you want to get more info at, try their YouTube channel or visit their website, or ask me, i know everthing which they had been informed about.


Because some stuff is only german at this time ;)

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Thanks for telling us about this game... :) It seems interesting, though I didn't understand everything in the video. It seems somewhat similar to The Settlers VII maybe - I mean because of the concept with villages.


I must tell that you Germans gave us really interesting games, this one seems like it could be another one in that row. :)


Before asking some further questions I would first try to understand a little bit more myself.

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