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Video tutorial: Realistic Mountains

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I recorded this some time back in August showing you how you can make realistic mountain terrain.?

As the video states, this only covers the mountain itself, not the surrounding area. It was fairly rushed, but covers basic detailing, which really is just littering the area with rocks and bushes, and how to create Himalayan cliffs as well.


Video summary:

1. Start lowest to highest

2. Use small brushes of equalizer and raise/lower land

3. Close your eyes and click everywhere with small details (i.e. dirt, rocks, bushes, trees)

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This is a very neat trick! Thanks for sharing - it sure will come in useful, I'll definitely try this out on my next map. :)


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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