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How long can one stay offline on Steam and play games?

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Hi, guys! I have this question, because there is a game my brother likes to play - it's Euro Truck Simulator 2. :) The thing is that it's pretty cheap now, it's around 15 euro, and I could get it, but he's often away and without internet connection, so I am wondering would a Steam version be good for him? I hope it would - if he could play at least few weeks in offline mode.


Thanks in advance. :)

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Steam Offline Mode lasts for as long as you'd wish. Your brother can download the game, launch it while online, close it, go offline, then he can stay in offline mode forever if he really wanted to. It all really depends on whether he can use Steam properly (which is very likely, as it's as simple as clicking library, then play :P)

I don't see any reason why you shouldn't buy a steam version :)

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One thing you want to be aware of is that there's two "offline modes."


One keeps you online but hides you from your friends - this one makes it so you can't play games when you don't have an internet connection. This one can be enabled (when in the Steam library) by clicking on the "Friends" tab in the upper left and clicking "Offline." This can also be done by opening the Friends List, clicking the arrow next to your username, then "Offline."


The way to really go offline is to, at the Library, click on the "Steam" tab in the upper left and click "Go Offline." A confirmation screen will come up and after saying Yes, you will be in real offline mode. It will be as if you had no connection to the internet (no friends list, achievements, store, etc) but if you actually are connected to the internet, in many cases you will still be able to play multiplayer even while in this mode.


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