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Future of StrongholdNation

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Today marks a milestone in the creation of our website; we have finally finished with the creation of our site home, here. This marks a huge achievement because we can finally (after long and careful time spent) finally focus on creating articles, downloads and other features of this site - so you are able to actually enjoy it :) We have also finished other areas of our site, our download central being one of the most prominent ones.


After taking four/five full months to create it, we can finally (and very happily) say that it has been completed! We have included all our comment, review and update features that we ever wanted to, and in fact even managed to include more than ever anticipated or wanted.


Our Stronghold 2 section is finished, we're just looking for an easy(ier) way to integrate the polls with it, and apart from that it's completely finished! Stronghold Crusader is completely finished, just needing articles posted. And of course, not forgetting our forums, we need slight alterations there, but it's practically done too.


We would like to thank FluxBB very much for making this opportunity available for us; without those kind developers there, our site would cease to exist in the same way it does today.


I'm afraid that our admin end is not quite as far ahead as that, it may take several days to get it up to the same level of making everything easy to change through it. The good news is though, after one entire day spent in our Gallery, that is now 100% complete as well! + the admin end of our Gallery. It shouldn't take nearly as long to create more websites now.


So, after 4-5 months of enhancing and creating the essential parts of our website, I can proudly say that it is done, and we are now back to where we were before - CivCity Rome, here we come!


We have (and always will) make sure that users on our site get the maximum benefit from visiting, and I personally can't wait to see where the site goes next! You can expect some big articles now - And you thought that the article posted about adding Stronghold Legends Lords into Stronghold 2 was big!


You've yet to see what we fully have to offer ;)

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Congratulations on your site and getting to this point, Well Done!


Looking forward to many years of playing an old favorite.



Lord Vetka

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