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Anyone want to play PvE?

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    • Stronghold 2 Manager is here! Possible to play MP game with bots

      I have good news! :) One of the original fans of the mod sent the installation file. :) This is where you can download it from, but be aware, it is likely that your antivirus will detect it as a troyan. I believe that this is nothing harmful, and I will try it later. Right now I don't have the other PC of mine here, but I will have it tomorrow, so I will try it then.   Another issue is that they said it works with 1.3.1 version, so I am unsure whether this is going to with 1.4.1 version, but we

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    • Does Anyone Still Play BF2?

      As the title says, do any of you still play Battlefield 2? By BF2, I mean the PC-only version, here's a link - https://www.battlefield.com/games/battlefield-2   It always has been my favourite Battlefield game, even today, I still go back and play it for the nostalgia and the great gameplay. I'm curious as to how many of you share my huge love for this game!

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    • What Resolution Do You Play?

      Many of us here spend a lot of time playing video games on the computer and so on. I'm just curious to know from this community. What resolution is used the most to game?   4K 1440p 1080p 720p Other     Simply leave a reply :)?I couldn't see anywhere to make a poll although I know there is an option. So apologies for that!

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    • Play-testing "Cognizant"

      Hey there, would anyone like to try out my map Cognizant?   Stronghold 1 v1.2 or 1.3 required   I have play-tested it myself, but because I knew where everything was already, I was able to react accordingly. However, I still had a fairly high unit-loss percentage. Like I said in the previous post, I am still currently working on landscaping, and I will not be posting pictures of the enemy castle until further changes. And this is going to be an on-and-off project, so expect major delays in uploa

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    • How long can one stay offline on Steam and play games?

      Hi, guys! I have this question, because there is a game my brother likes to play - it's Euro Truck Simulator 2. :) The thing is that it's pretty cheap now, it's around 15 euro, and I could get it, but he's often away and without internet connection, so I am wondering would a Steam version be good for him? I hope it would - if he could play at least few weeks in offline mode.   Thanks in advance. :)

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