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Mathew Steel

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Haven't seen a topic for this so I thought creating one would benefit a lot of us. Many of us own copies of the Stronghold franchise on Steam, meaning for Stronghold Crusader 2, the Steam workshop is available. If you use and upload to the Steam workshop feel free to post your username below. This way we can communicate through Steam as well as Stronghold Nation and possibly attract some more attention to the forums and our download section, since Steam allow users to advertise their websites (if game-related) in the workshop etc it's a nice and easy way to do so :D


Allow me to begin, my Steam username is:




Be sure to add yours in the reply :)

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I'm unable to use the workshop and many other steam features, such as friends, because I haven't directly purchased a game through the Steam website. However, people can still add me.


My username is shnlordchris if you'd like to add me.


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