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Notification when there are new files in Downloads Central at forum

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Hi, I just came to this idea... One way to this would be to have this notification on the top bar near "Private Messages" for example, and it would be "No New Files", when there is something we haven't checked yet, and there would be "There are 3 new files" if there are 3 new files for example.


Also Downloads Section could be displayed as a section by itself - not as a subsection of Site Questions and Support, and it could change the icon when there are new files just the way a section icon would change when someone makes a new post there. Perhaps this could also work with comments from downloads section.


What do you think about this? I do guess this wouldn't be an easy task to do though, but I just wanted to bring out the idea. :)

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I thought of this yesterday after reading your post. I thought we could get a small symbol next to where it says "Logged in as Mathew Steel" for example, it could be an envelope with a pigeon above it (just to keep the medieval theme :D) that when we receive a new notification (messages, subscribed topic post, download section activity) a number would appear next to it. We then click this and a drop down box appears. Similar to that of Steam. What do you think?

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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