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Zelena Dolina

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Hey there! I am here now to present another map. This was created a while ago, although another member of my family created it. After seeing the map I only added few stuff into the map, so it could look a little bit more natural - few shrubs, some rocks, and things like that. This is the minimap!


Right now it is not available to download from SHN downloads central, but it was approved today at SHH, and it can be downloaded from there.

Correction: the map has been approved here at SHN, and you can visit the download page by following the link below.


The idea with this map was to fight against AI lords, like we did it several times by now, only with difference that in this Extreme map there are no outposts. This one was meant to be played against AI lords with huge computer advantage, and human lord would be able to use special powers, although I do expect those powers to be used with honor. :) For example, human could restrict himself only to use healing ability inside his own castle, or he could receive gold shipments from Europe.


One could also edit this map to add a sighpost, and then to allow himself to receive reinforcements from Europe too (player would be placing his reinforcements near his signpost)! I just believe it wouldn't be fair our troops just to popup in the middle of the battlefield out of nowhere.


Our rules about arrow and stone falling from the sky should apply - we do not do that.


Those are just my recommendations, but you play it however you like. :)


Zelena Dolina download page

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