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Stronghold Crusader mods and download links

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I am making this tread so other could simply find the greatest Stronghold Crusader mods known by us. Those are Stronghold Europe, and Russian Story.


Stronghold Europe


Visit this page for more information how to download the mod.


Russian Story


Russian Story 2.0

click at "???????", and wait 60 seconds. Uncheck the check-box near "????????? ?????????? Mail.ru", and click again at "???????". The download will start then.


Russian Story 2.1 patch

click at "???????", and wait 60 seconds. Uncheck the check-box near "????????? ?????????? Mail.ru", and click again at "???????". The download will start then.


NOTICE1: It may be possible that the server is being slow at some moment, so you may need to be a little patient with the download. Also, if downloading is going too slow, you may pause it, and continue few hours later or tomorrow.


NOTICE2: About those exe files. If you have an older machine you may need to be patient there as well. Your PC might need some time to run the exe file, and to do the job. You may not understand what it says, but there is one button for NEXT, and you should click it all to the end. At some point you will have to choose folder where you want to extract the files from the exe file (I advice to you to create a folder inside My Documents, as you will easily find it there later, and you can copy the extracted files to Programs Files\Firefly Studios later if you want). After choosing the folder, one button that use to be not "clickable" will become "clickable" - just click that button, to begin the extracting.


NOTICE3: This exe file was intended to be extracted into Stronghold Crusader installation folder. What I did was the following:

1. Extract the exe files into two separate folders Russian Story 2.0 and Russian Story 2.1;

2. Copy Stronghold Crusader folder into a third folder Russian Story;

3. Copy the content from Russian Story 2.0 to Russian Story folder;

4. Copy the content from Russian Story 2.1 to Russian Story folder;

Also, before copying the content from Russian Story 2.1 try to run Russian Story to see if it works, and how it works, just so you may see the difference between 2.0 version and 2.1 version on your PC. It may be possible that the game doesn't work properly with the exe file extracted from Russian Story 2.1, but that it does work with your original exe file. I play Russian Story with my original exe file, and all other content is from Russian Story 2.0 and 2.1.


TRANSLATION: Most of the text from the game can easily be translated by simple replacing a file called "cr". You can find the one you need inside your Stronghold Crusader installation folder - copy it over the one in your Russian Story folder.

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