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Hi, let us collect stuff you figured in the editor.

Please keep this ontopic and just write informations.


- You can check the KI castle size in a faction area by clicking it with cntrl+mouse1 and then scrolling with the mousewheel. The square must be white.


- Textures are missing after placing and/or are like cut through at the "Grid" line.

Dear Michael,


The maps are broken into square sections, these are faintly visible when applying textures to the map. Unfortunately there can only be four different textures within each of these squares and if any more are applied, then the smallest amount of those textures applied will not be visible. There is a guide to working with the tutorial on steam, located here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=353757026


I hope this has been of some help and look forward to seeing some of your maps on the workshop.


Kind Regards,


Lord Noble


- Areas are black on minimap if you make landscapes lower then the sea level


- You can edit the sea color, water flow, reflection, etc.. Go in the Water Tab -> Sea (enable it) -> click the little triangle next to "ShaderProperties"


- Don't place walls next to cliffs. Leave "one square" space so the engine wont cut off the battlement of the wall

-> Don't custom lower/heigher the cliffs(/mountains) if there is a wall next to it. This will remove and bug the wall.

Edited by Micha!


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New info-If you have raised terrain and the camera is jumping up and down as you scroll around the map in game, you can fix it by opening the camera grid in the tool tab in the editor, then adjust the grid height and grid cling, adjust the height to close to the top of the highest mountain and adjust the cling to level the grid some what, play around until it's comfortable in the game.


I have a new map called Chundra that I will be posting very soon, I had a tester check it out for me, and he suggested using slaves to disrupt the iron and stone mines, well that took a little while to figure out but I did manage to get the slaves to attack the mine areas.


How I did that is to add a (separate) invasion marker at the stone deposits and the iron deposits, then added in the Harass markers to each spot plus a blue #3 marker flag, the marker flag makes no difference, but the other two are needed, now the slaves come in and attack the mines instead of going straight to the keep.


Without the extra Harass flags they did go to the mines and attack, but with the Harass flags they worked a lot better.

Edited by Lord Vetka
New info-

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- A day lasts 1 minute. I noticed ai controls your units if you set an invasion event with a player controlling the units. So better use timing on day x and game event -> reinforcements and set repeating to a number till 59


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