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Being able to play Europe maps in Crusader and vice versa

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I have created this tread only to let you know that one is able to play Europe maps in Crusader, and the other way around - to play the old Crusader maps in Europe. I haven't realized this by myself - Lord Vetka had noticed that he can run my Europe maps in Crusader. I never tried playing Europe maps in Crusader before, although I believe that I had tried playing Crusader maps in Europe, and that I had failed. One thing is sure - or I am mistaken, and this was possible from the beginning, or this is possible to do until the latest Stronghold Europe patch by Teutonen Ritter.


Anyway, if you do put your Crusader maps in Europe, there will still be one illogical thing - in some maps you will find some cacti or camels... For this reason I am planning to edit those maps so they would look more natural. On top of my list are some favorite maps of mine which were made within my family, and some of those great maps created by Firefly, such as Close Encounters, The River, etc... I expect I am going to be pretty slow in this, but I hope I will adopt at least some of those maps. I will be writing about my progress in this tread.


And, one more thing. Now when we know that Europe and Crusader maps can be played in both versions I feel need to thanks Chris again for giving us Stronghold Europe subsection in Downloads Central. Thanks to that we will be able to see which maps were originally created for Europe, and which ones for Crusader; and each map will surely look way better in the version it was made for. Besides that, we still don't know for sure if there might occur some problem while playing an Europe map in Crusader, and vice versa - we do know that it works fine on those several computers we tested it on.



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