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Stenovita Dolina - Stronghold Europe map

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So I am making this tread, as I believe we should have one like this for Stronghold Europe as well. This is the new map that came to life thanks to joint work of Duc Vautour's and myself. There will be another map as well, but this the first one that is going to be available at SHN downloads central. I am giving you the minimap, and I am also giving you the panorama of the map. I hope you're gonna like it. Duc Vautour sent me his map called Line in the Sand, which hasn't been submitted to SHN yet, but it will be soon enough. Even though his map hasn't but published yet, this one I made by editing Line in the Sand.


I believe this map could be played in singleplayer and multiplayer as well. All AI lords have enough space and enough resources, while none has too much resources, and almost each castle lord that doesn't have any ally out there is going to have had time defending his industry outside of his castle.


Any suggestions about the map - what could have been done better, or anything like that - that is all welcome!




I am sorry for making double treads for this, but there is no notification displayed at main forums page about when I make a new tread or post in a sub-forum, such as in Stronghold Europe. I am making this one so it could be visible by others.

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As I said in the email to you yesterday, I am aware of this issue and am working to fix it.


Please do not duplicate post. Closing.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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