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Change in moderation of downloads

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Based on a lot of recent submitted maps, we are changing the way they are assessed before being approved. Now somewhat similar to driving tests, the maps will be assessed using majors and minors. Three minors create a major and one major means the map fails. We are hoping by releasing the list of how the maps are assessed, it may help a few more to make the pass mark, they are shown below:




  • Whether the file is related
  • squareness of the map. Example
  • Whether the map works
  • Unfinished/incomplete maps
  • Non-working Win/lose conditions




  • Bugs on certain versions (i.e. backwards incompatibility on SH2)
  • Badly detailed terrain, repetitive terrain or not detailed at all
  • Very hard to get started playing (i.e. bad economy, lack of space or available resources)
  • Any lag present in the game (i.e. from animals)
  • Non-working/half-working invasions
  • Poorly thought out building layouts


The files that get through are the good ones, we find ourselves receiving more and more poor files, and the majority of maps rejected are due to being square. Please do not upload a map that is square - it will be rejected. We really can't make this much clearer - it even states it on the page you choose the download category in bold.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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