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Stronghold Crusader multiplayer with Internet TCP/IP Connection for Di

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If you are facing any problems with GameRanger, this is how you can play Stronghold Crusader in multiplayer with no such multiplayer client.


It is possible to play Crusader without GameRanger using with Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay (no application needed - it all works directly from the game), although this way it will be harder for you to find some opponents. This is what you should do (and your friends which you would like to play with):

  1. load the game
  3. the one who wants to be the host should type his IP address and send it to others - the he can click HOST (have a look at the picture below);
  4. others should type the IP address of the host, and click JOIN;
  5. after the game of the host has been found, click JOIN again;
  6. then you can choose a map and everything, and start the game.

If you are not finding the game being hosted by your friend, then your, or hosts Stronghold Crusader game is being blocked by firewall, so you should unblock it.


Also, I believe it would be the best for host to be the one with best internet connection - I don't know exactly how it works.


If you want to find more players to play with, I would suggest to you find players on community forums like this one.



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3.the one who wants to be the host should type his IP address and send it to others - the he can click HOST (have a look at the picture below);


Assuming this is the IPV4 address (If it's not go here http://www.whatsmyip.org/). To find this on Windows, go to Start -> Run -> CMD -> ipconfig

This will show the data for the modem you are connected to along with your computer's IP information. Search for IPV4 address and use it.


4.others should type the IP address of the host, and click JOIN;


Either way this should be the IP address located at this site http://www.whatsmyip.org/



Hope this helped to make the tutorial a bit more in-depth :)

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Nice, that's the way it was done before the game sites came along and set it up for online play.


Thanks for posting that:-)

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