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    • Your opinion of rats, gong, and criminals in Stronghold 2?

      I am making this thread for you to tell us what is your opinion about those three stuff. Some of us don't like it, some of us do, and those of us who don't like it - they may avoid to play the whole game because of that fact. I am one of those who didn't like it much, and who wanted Stronghold 2 to be at least a little bit more simplified, but now I do like it! I believe one can easily build falconers post and gong pit to solve the issue with gong, which is a quite natural problem in a medieval

      in Stronghold 2

    • A way of sustaining gold!

      So any SH2 player knows that gold is one of the most important resources. It's used for troops, defences, trading and even some buildings. So what if you're low? You can't train troops, can't keep a decent working economy, can't even buy the wood you so desperately need.   From playing multiplayer yesterday with a certain Lord_Chris, him and I now know how important it is to keep a steady amount of gold for backup. Especially if you have the upper hand and you are taken out from a few knights an

      in Stronghold 2

    • Way to remove the fog?

      Hi, I meant to ask you guys, if you know anything about the fog in Stronghold 3? Is there a way to remove it, or if there is a way to reduce the fog. The fog I am speaking about is visible when I zoom out as much as I can, or when I play around with free camera.   I am posting few screenshots I found on internet to show you what I mean.   This is a screenshot without the fog, ad this is where I found it.     On the other hand, here is a screenshot with the fog. This is where I found this one.  

      in Stronghold 3

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