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Mathew Steel

Stronghold Crusader II, Saturday, 27th September

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So I am aware my gaming events are often rather late. Also they are on days where people would be in school/work. So Crusader II is released on the 23rd of September (aka Tuesday) (aka my birthday). I myself have pre-purchased the game on steam. Also as I know not all members are pre-purchasing, this gives them a few days to buy the game after reading reviews (which btw I will post on the day of release). So for those of you who can/can't make it, now you have 26 days to make it :)


?Game: Stronghold Crusader II

?Version: Who knows?

?Maximum Participants: 8



?Current Participants (27th September):

-Mathew Steel



?Other Information:

This will not be using GameRanger the room name will be Stronghold Nation. The game now uses a friend system linked with steam. Add me on steam "K0MP4CT". My username on Stronghold Crusader II is "{SHN}Mathew Steel"


Global Start Times:

1.18:30 (6:30 PM) GMT +1 - London, United Kingdom

2.13:30 (1:30 PM) EST - North America

3.10:30 (10:30 AM) PDT - Vancouver, Canada

4.19:30 (7:30 PM) CEST - Belgrade, Serbia




The reason there is little information in the "Other Information" tab, is simply because this is all we know right now. Fear not, as the date gets closer I will be updating the topic.


See you on the battleground :)


This will be a battle against AI lords.

Edited by Mathew Steel

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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This is a bit too far ahead for me at the moment, and I can't honestly see me having time to buy the game that quickly, so I'll have to let you know nearer the time.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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after stronghold 3 I gonna wait for some reviews and gameplay videos first aint preordering again also getting new parts for my comp as seems like my issue is with the motherboard GPU slot being a bit dodgy cant order the parts till like the 25/26th so yh wont be playing till october

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I am assuming that for today it will just be xiiMaRcLeoN and I playing. So I shall be starting as soon as he is able to play. If anyone would like to play also please let me know within the next 10 minutes :)

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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